ROLE : To follow the observership at leading private hospital in Colombo and Galle under the supervision of senior doctors and nursing officers

TYPES OF PLACEMENTS : Hospitals work

REQUIREMENTS : Pre Medical School Students / Pre Nursing Students

ACCOMMODATION : Host family / Student House

LENGTH OF PLACEMENT : From 01- 04 weeks

START DATES : Flexible

The main objectives of the program ensure a good awareness into Sri Lankan medical / nursing system. The placement will arrange at a leading private hospital in Colombo. A dedicated mentor or team of mentors would assign during the stay with the project.

Hospital at Colombo :
Since its establishment, Asiri Surgical has earned a reputation for world-class general surgical care.
The Hospital’s surgical services include:

General surgery /Plastic surgery/ Cardiology/ ENT (ear, nose, throat) surgery
/Oncology/ Orthopaedics

The hospital is one of the best in Sri Lanka with modern technology . It has following units functioning :
24-hour emergency treatment unit (ETU) capable of handling all surgical and neurological emergencies
Positron emission tomography–computed tomography (PET-CT) scanner
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit

Dental unit

Blood transfusion service with irradiator for blood products
1-5 Tesla multifunctional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning system
9-bed intensive care unit (ICU)
64-slice/second spiral computed tomography (CT) scanner
4D real time ultrasound scanning system
Digital x-ray system with screening facility
Mammography system with stereo tactic biopsy function
Catheterisation laboratory geared for all cardiac & vascular surgical procedures
Electroencephalogram/electromyography (EEG/EMG) monitoring
X-ray and ultrasound assisted lithotripsy
Laser prostatectomy
Specialised urology operating theatre
Electrophysiology laboratory
Pathology laboratory
Genetic laboratory
Operation theatre suites with 4 operating rooms
Surgical intensive care unit (ICU)
Chemotherapy ward
24-hour ambulance service
Health checkups

Operation theatres (Ultra –clean, Germfree Modular theatres with Guided air flow systems)
The hospital chain , including the five state-of-the-art operating theatres, are built according to World Health Organization regulations, ensuring the highest standards for our patients. The major theatre complex of the hospital consists of 2 main theatres with the latest horizontal guided air flow system which ensures an ultra-clean environment and a near zero infection rate.

Intensive Care Unit

Day Treatment Unit (DTU)Patients have the option of choosing the Day Treatment Unit for shorter stays and for procedures which take minimal time.
Pediatrics and Maternity , Phsysiotheray, X ray , Blood bank, 24 hours pharmacy , 24 hours lab , OPD ,Medical ICU , Surgical ICU

The hospital is a surgical hospital therefore the interns can observe surgeries and any other surgical operations.

Hospital at Galle :

One of the most sought-after hospitals in the Southern Province offering international standard
professional healthcare services to its customers. It has following units at the moment;

Operating Theatres
Day Treatment Unit
Emergency Treatment Unit

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