Special School for Differently Able Students Program

Location : Badulla

The volunteers need to have good communication skills in English as well as sound knowledge in different teaching methodologies. The volunteers can engage with following main activities but not limited to :

1. Arranging the class room
2. Assisting local teachers carrying out academic activities
3. Playing with the kids
4. Singing and Dancing (Visual and performance arts session)

Expect to work side by side the local teacher at  Special dancing academy for differently able students, but sometimes you will leave alone, so your initiative and confidence are really important.
** The transportation from volunteer house to project location is included in the program.

• Project length: From 1 week to 12 weeks
• Project dates: Except the months of April/ August and December
• Arrival airport: Colombo Bandaranayake International Airport
• Accommodation: Local host family/ Volunteer house
• Requirements: Good knowledge in English
• Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Program starts and ends in Badulla
• Airport meet and greet in Airport meet and greet in Colombo Bandaranaike Airport. Recommended arrivals ONLY during weekends.
• Monday to Friday volunteering.
• Weekends free to sightseeing and afternoons free to explore the city
• Typical shift work hours are 08.30 am to 11.30 am
• Support: Coordinator support 24/7 during placement
• Departure: Volunteers should arrange by themselves

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