ROLE : To follow the observership at national mental institute teaching hospital under the supervision of senior doctors

TYPES OF PLACEMENTS : Hospitals work

REQUIREMENTS : Medical School Students / Nursing Students

ACCOMMODATION : Host family / Student House

LENGTH OF PLACEMENT : From 01-08 weeks


NIMH is a busy institution forever engaged in promotion, prevention, cure and rehabilitation of people and their families affected by mental disorders.
The hospital has Out Patient Service and In Patient Service units.

Out Patient Service units: OPD- 24 Hour Out Patient Department, 24 Hour Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for managing aggressive patients, Referral to Psychiatric Clinics if admission not needed, Community Psychiatry Programme, Day Rehabilitation Centre, Day ECT Centre, Gender Based Violence Prevention Unit, Dental Unit.

In Patient Service Units: Acute & Intermediate Care, Long Term care, ECT Unit, Forensic Psychiatry Unit, Psycho-Geriatric Unit, Adolescent Psychiatry Unit, Perinatal Psychiatry Unit, Learning Disability Unit, Medical Ward, Physiotherapy Unit, Nutrition Unit.

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