ROLE : To follow the observership at national cancer institute teaching hospital under the supervision of senior doctors

TYPES OF PLACEMENTS : Hospitals work

REQUIREMENTS : Medical School Students

ACCOMMODATION : Host family / Student House

LENGTH OF PLACEMENT : From 01-02 weeks

START DATES : Flexible

The National Cancer institute is a teaching hospital, under the control Ministry of Health. It is the apex hospital dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and follow up of cancer patients in Sri Lanka. It is located at Maharagama, 16km away from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

National Cancer Institute provides screening and diagnostic services by the help of all range of Oncohematologycal, Histopathologcal and Microbiological, Radiological investigations under the supervision consultants. It provides surgical treatments for the cancer patients by four consultant Oncosurgeons and three Gynecological surgeon and all kinds of treatment methods including radiotherapy, brachythearapy, and iodine therapy, free of charge under the supervision of consultant Radiation Oncologists. Specialized surgical treatments like breast conservation too are available here. Fifteen oncologists attached to the institution conduct daily oncological consultation clinics for out patients. Physiotherapy, Speech therapy and Counseling services are among the other services available in this hospital.

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